7 Enjoyable Activities for Seniors with Limited Mobility

December 16, 2020 | BY PHS Staff


Many seniors suffer from limited mobility, whether due to severe arthritis, stroke, or injuries from a previous fall. Whatever the case, their reduced mobility very likely limits the kinds of activities they can partake in. They may no longer be able to do the things that once brought them joy.

But all hope is not lost. Loss of mobility doesn’t mean they can’t participate in enjoyable activities and hobbies. They can still have fun, boost their overall mood and enjoy a high quality of life, even if they can’t move around as much as they used to. The key is to make modifications to suit their activity level, and choose ones that they can partake in with ease.

As the caregiver, you may be struggling with fun, innovative and new ways to incorporate enjoyable activities into your loved one’s​ ​at home care​.

With help from senior home care services, you can try out these engaging activities for seniors with limited mobility.

1. Read Together

This is a fantastic activity for older adults. Not only is it a great way to spend time together, reading keeps your senior’s brain engaged and constantly learning. Studies show reading improves memory, reduces stress, improves sleep, and delays cognitive decline, according to DailyCaring​.

They may like reading physical books and magazines, or they may prefer the convenience of an e-reader or tablet. Or maybe they enjoy listening to audiobooks, or they would like you to read to them. Whatever the case may be, it’s important to immerse themselves in a well-told story, while looking at photographs, and learning new things about an interesting topic.

To boost their socialization skills, go one step further and organize a book club among their friends.

2. Explore Hobbies

Hobbies that are good for seniors with limited mobility include cooking, baking, knitting, crocheting, bird watching, puzzles, container gardening, playing a musical instrument, or learning a new language. Hobbies keep the mind engaged and also prevent boredom.

3. Encourage Regular Exercise

Even if your senior loved one isn’t too mobile, there are still mild exercises they can partake in to get their hearts pumping a bit and their bodies moving. They can try seated exercises or chair yoga, for instance. Some exercises can even be done using a walker to ensure stability. Light arm weight circuits and chair exercises are ideal for improving agility and strength, and can easily be performed from a wheelchair, says the​ ​Institute on Aging​.

4. Get Creative

Help your senior get in touch with their creative side through painting, coloring, drawing, and sculpting. Try creative projects like scrapbooks, organizing family albums, or creating a family recipe book.​ ​Research​ has revealed that creative activities help those who are battling chronic illness in decreasing negative emotions and increasing positive ones, while reducing stress and anxiety, and improving medical outcomes.

5. Go Outside

Even though it’s winter and it may be chilly outside, there may be some milder days where you can get your loved one outside for a quick walk – even if it’s assisting them up and down the driveway. Spending time in nature and getting fresh air are both ways to relax and get a much-needed mood boost.

If your loved one’s limited mobility means they can only sit on the porch or next to an open picture window, getting some fresh air or checking out the scenery is a positive everyday activity.

6. Align TV and Movies With Hobbies

Sitting in front of the TV all day isn’t healthy, but​ ​watching with a purpose can be. Your loved one may be interested in seeing a documentary on a topic that they are learning about. Or,

perhaps channels like the Travel Channel or Food Network may inspire them to learn about new destinations or try out a new recipe.

7. Listen to Music

Music is known to reduce stress, anxiety, and even pain. Plus, it can improve immune function, sleep and memory. Put on their favorite tunes and sing along.

These are all wonderful ways to stay engaged and maintain a sense of purpose and accomplishment every single day – even for senior loved ones who can’t move around like they used to.

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