The Benefits of Hiring a Personal Care Service for Your Senior

October 15, 2019 | BY PHS Staff

Happiness and well-being are two things we all strive to achieve in our daily lives. But often times, as we go about our busy days, we forget about the isolation, loneliness and lack of independence plaguing our senior loved ones. Home bound, frustrated and feeling constantly overburdened: this is what our elderly are going through.

Perhaps that load could be lightened with some extra assistance for things such as tidying up the house, helping with bathing, running errands or taking over physically-demanding chores such as spring cleaning. For this, in home personal services in Gettysburg PA could offer a wonderful solution.

Personal care services are made up of professionals who assist seniors in their everyday lives. They offer non-medical assistance, offering anything from homemaker services and transportation services to help with daily living needs and even just some companionship.

Do you have a senior in your life who has been feeling that they’re falling behind in their daily tasks or who simply wants to reduce the number of responsibilities on their to-do list? They may benefit from a personal caregiver. Here are some of the physical and mental benefits:

1.  Assistance in Completing Daily Chores

Daily chores can be a burden for seniors mentally, to be sure, as they struggle to keep track of what they have to do to keep the house clean. But those chores also present a physical challenge for the elderly. Having someone take over those chores, from dusting and vacuuming to laundry and spring cleaning, can reduce the physical burden and risk of injury, according to the National Council for Aging Care.

2.  Maintains Independence

Personal care services allow seniors to remain in their own home and maintain the independent lifestyle they have been accustomed to. Just because they can’t perform activities of daily living, certain chores, or drive themselves to church services doesn’t mean they should be deprived of these acts or be forced to leave their home for a nursing facility. Personal care services offer the perfect blend of assistance and independence, thereby reducing stress and anxiety for the senior. This can bring great peace of mind for them, knowing they can stay in a home they likely raised their children in and have many fond memories of.

3.  Relieves the Burden on Family and Friends

While family members and friends may mean well, visiting here and there to help with what they can, these intermittent visits may simply not be enough to ensure the senior is living in the healthiest and safest way. Personal care services can give family members and friends the respite they need to tend to their own families, work, obligations and personal time, while giving them peace of mind knowing their loved one is well taken care of.

4.  Reliable and Helpful Companionship

We all need someone to talk to, someone who can chat with us about the news, gossip over a cup of coffee, or just sit and listen to music with. Personal care services can provide that companionship that may be missing from your senior’s life, providing a meaningful and welcomed connection with the outside world. Many of us don’t realize how isolating it can be to remain at home all day, with impaired ability to care for ourselves and without a social network to rely on for our mental health.

Truth is, a lack of companionship is not just sad, it’s dangerous. Seniors facing isolation have a higher risk of depression, which can lead to even more isolation and can increase the severity of depression, says the Institute on Aging. Having someone there to show they care can make all the difference.

Personal care services offer that important connection, keeping up the spirits of your senior and ensuring they have a friendly shoulder to lean on each day.

What Preferred HealthStaff Does

Just to illustrate what personal care services entail, you will be happy to know that Preferred HealthStaff provides caring, compassionate in-home personal assistance ranging from ADLs (eating, bathing, dressing) to homemaker services (laundry, plan and prepare meals, assist with morning wakeup). We also offer companion services (help with reading, writing letters, stimulating mental awareness) and transportation services (shopping, church services, visiting friends). In addition, we offer handyman services, massage therapy visits, personal grooming, technology specialists and veteran advocacy programs.

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