Holiday Gift Ideas for Seniors Aging in Place

November 30, 2018 | BY PHS Staff

Here at Preferred HealthStaff, we know that it can sometimes be hard to shop for your parents. That’s especially true as they get older, and it’s even more difficult to find holiday gifts for seniors who are aging in place. They’re in their home, so they must have everything they need, right?

Of course not! There are still some great gifts that you can get for the senior in your life. It just takes some thinking outside of the box. Whether it’s a parent, aunt, or any other special senior in your life, here’s a look at the kinds of holiday gifts they might appreciate.

Gardening Tools

If your senior is still active, ergonomic gardening tools could be a great gift that they’ll appreciate come springtime. With our age in place home care, many seniors can continue to indulge in the hobbies that they enjoy. Gardening is a great way to get outdoors, so if your senior can handle key gardening tasks they’ll appreciate new tools that they can depend on.

Items of the Month Clubs

Whatever your senior likes, there’s probably some sort of service that delivers new food and beverages to try monthly. There are coffee clubs, services that deliver different cheeses each month, and many other options that could help a senior discover a new flavor or delicious product. Just know what their dietary restrictions and preferences are, and you can find them a tasty gift that will last six months or more.

Meal Services

On that same note, the senior in your life might appreciate meal services like Blue Apron. These companies deliver easy to cook meals with just the right amount of ingredients right to your door. Your senior doesn’t have to worry about shopping, chopping vegetables, or doing any of the hard work. They can still make a great meal practically on their own though.

Motion Sensor Light Switches

These motion sensors can offer seniors more than a few benefits. First, you don’t have to worry about your senior entering a darkened room and injuring themselves. A motion sensor light can illuminate the room even when they don’t have a free hand to hit a light switch. These sensors can also help save money, since the lights turn off when there’s no one in the room. This is especially important since many seniors who need in home care services are on a fixed income.

Weighted Blankets

In recent years, weighted blankets have become more and more popular. These don’t just keep a senior warm. They can also help alleviate feelings of anxiety. They’re ideal for any senior who has trouble sleeping or just wants to feel more relaxed. Of course, heated blankets and wheelchair blankets can also make for great holiday gifts.


Some people don’t give seniors enough credit and think that they won’t pick up new technology. Based on what our home care providers have seen, that’s simply not the case. A tablet can make a great gift for a senior. An iPad or similar device offers entertainment features and great ways to keep in touch with friends and family members. It’s just one of many solid gift ideas for seniors who are aging in place.