How Home Care & Homemaker Agencies Help Seniors Eat Healthy

June 27, 2017 | BY PHS Staff

Staying healthy means eating healthy. That’s just as true in our older years as it is at any other time in our lives.  But these days, many seniors find it hard to eat healthy, especially without a helping hand. In many cases, this is where personal care workers and homemaker agencies come in. By helping seniors plan their diet, shop for groceries, and prepare meals, caregivers can play a vital role in helping seniors eat healthy.

Planning a Healthy Diet

If your mom or dad doesn’t already have healthy eating habits, they may need assistance with creating a healthy meal plan. Creating a meal plan at the start of each week can help seniors eat a well-balanced diet, avoid unhealthy last-minute decisions, and save money on groceries.

You might want to create a meal plan with your parent, which you can do with just a little bit of research. But if your mom or dad enjoys services from a personal care or homemaker agency, you might be able to get some assistance with planning meals. Many personal care providers and homemaker agencies have experience with creating senior-friendly meal plans and can help with meal planning on a week-to-week basis.

Shopping for Groceries

As seniors grow older, physical limitations make everyday errands more difficult. This is especially true of grocery shopping. Between long periods of walking, retrieving items from high and low positions on shelves, and having to carry heavy bags of food, grocery shopping is often too much for elderly individuals to handle. A homemaker agency can help with these difficulties, either by accompanying seniors on trips to the grocery store or by having care workers make those trips themselves.

Preparing Meals

The kitchen can be a difficult — even dangerous — place for elderly individuals. Many seniors have lost the motor skills and strength they need to prepare their own meals. Slippery floors, sharp knives, and hot stove burners can also be an injury risk to seniors with compromised physical abilities or memory concerns.

If you have an elderly loved one who is unable to enjoy homecooked meals due to age-related difficulties, a homemaker agency can provide the help he or she needs to eat healthy, hearty meals in the comfort of home. If your loved one has difficulty eating, personal assistance services will be able to help. And after the meal is finished, your loved one’s care professional will be able to tidy up and take care of any dishes.

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