3 Ways a Homemaker Agency Can Be a Lifeline for Seniors

October 12, 2017 | BY PHS Staff

When seniors need a helping hand with tasks around the home, they often turn to a homemaker agency for help. But the impact of hiring a homemaker agency often goes far beyond just a little help here and there. In many cases, inviting a homemaking professional into the home can be a lifeline for elderly adults.

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At Preferred HealthStaff, our homemaker services play a crucial role in quality of life for many of our clients. Based on our professional experience, we’ve compiled a list of three key ways that a homemaker agency could be a lifeline for your loved one.

1. Reducing Injury & Health Risks

Many activities that most of us don’t think twice about can put seniors at risk of injury or health complications. That’s especially true for elderly adults with existing physical health concerns or disabilities.

Seniors who struggle with mobility, strength, coordination, or balance are already at higher risk of slips and falls. The risk is even higher when performing certain homemaking activities, like carrying laundry, using the vacuum, or cleaning in low, high, or hard-to-reach areas. Housekeeping and homemaking can also be a concern for seniors with cardiovascular health concerns, who may overexert themselves performing certain tasks and activities.

If your loved one is putting themselves at risk by taking care of their house by themselves, hiring a homemaker agency could help to reduce their risk of injury or health complications. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that a homemaking professional is taking care of any work that could be dangerous for your mom, dad, or grandparent.

2. Preventing Pain & Discomfort

Even if homemaking and housekeeping aren’t a significant health risk for your loved one, they could still be contributing to pain or discomfort. Approximately half of all American adults over the age of 65 report suffering from arthritis. When combined with the occurrence of other conditions, the vast majority of seniors suffer from some form of chronic stiffness, soreness, discomfort, or pain.

These aches and pains can take a job as simple as mopping the floor and turn it into a painful and/or uncomfortable experience. These types of jobs often need to be performed multiple times over the course of a week. The resulting soreness often lingers for hours or days, compromising your loved one’s quality of life.

While a homemaker agency can’t cure these aches and pains, it can help minimize them. By taking over tough jobs, a caregiver can prevent your loved one’s aches and pains, reduce their frequency, or decrease their severity. This makes day-to-day life more comfortable and livable.

3. Making Home More Manageable

Many seniors find it hard to keep up with homemaking and housekeeping. Sometimes, this is due to physical health concerns, disability, or chronic pain. Other times, they simply lack the energy needed for proper upkeep of their home.

This often leads to a downward spiral, exacerbating health concerns. Too often, seniors who struggle to care for their homes soon find themselves struggling to care for themselves. Meanwhile, poor housekeeping can create unsafe and unsanitary living conditions, compounding health problems and increasing risk of injury.

If this sounds familiar, then a homemaker agency can help. Homemaker services not only make your loved one’s home more manageable, they make life more manageable. With a homemaking aide’s assistance, it’s easier for seniors to practice self-care, helping them maintain their physical and emotional health.

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