The Importance of Companion Care for Home-Bound Seniors

February 15, 2020 | BY PHS Staff

Loneliness has become a serious epidemic around the world, with researchers finding more and more evidence linking loneliness to physical illness as well as to functional and cognitive decline, says the NY Times. In the United States, half of people older than 85 live alone, with studies showing the prevalence of loneliness among people older than 60 has increased to up to 46 percent.

Some older adults simply have no family or friends left because they have outlived them, while others do have family and friends close by yet those loved ones can’t regularly make it to the senior’s home to provide consistent care. Either way, there is a solution and it’s called companion care. This is one of many valuable in-home care services provided by home care companies to help combat loneliness in seniors who are homebound and can’t get out of the house on their own.

This can be increasingly frustrating and sad for previously-social seniors who enjoy getting out to the store, church services, family gatherings and lunches with friends. Whether this means helping seniors connect with family or friends, or whether it just means being there to sit and chat for a while, it’s important to seek out in-home care in Gettysburg that offers companion care.

Here are some important benefits of companion care for home-bound seniors.

1. Someone to Talk To

Many seniors who are homebound have chronic illnesses or diseases, or even mobility issues that preclude them from getting out. But aside from the pain of their disability, seniors also experience the pain of loneliness and can go days without speaking to another human.

As a child, sibling or spouse of a homebound senior, you may try to be there for them as much as you can, but with your own work and family commitments, it can be impossible to get there every day just to talk. Having a companion provides seniors with someone to talk to, play games with, and even read with.

2. Help With Daily Tasks

While the senior may be capable of performing some daily tasks on their own, it’s always nice to have help around the house. Companions can help with light chores such as taking out the trash, watering plants, washing dishes and fixing lunch.

3. Improvement of Overall Health

No matter what age you are, it’s been proven that having someone around with whom you can talk and share things positively affects your mental and physical health. According to Psychology Today, loneliness can become a pervasive and chronic condition with serious mental and physical conditions, such as:

  • Social isolation
  • Depression
  • Substance abuse
  • Poor sleep
  • Poor appetite
  • Impaired immune and cardiovascular functioning

Having a friend improves physical fitness as well, as people simply move more when they’re together. They may take walks, do some gardening, dance, or exercise. Having a companion care provider offers all these benefits and more for seniors who have otherwise slowed down over the years. As a result, seniors can reclaim a new-found vitality and zest for life just by spending time with someone.

As a family member, it’s important that you know your loved one will be safe and well cared for, both emotionally and physically. That’s why you can depend on companion care services to fill in the gaps.

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