What It Must Feel Like to Have Alzheimer’s Disease

July 3, 2014 | BY PHS Staff

Imagine you are back in grade school. You are sitting in class and the teacher calls on you to answer a question. You don’t know the answer. You may look around at your classmates, fidget a little and maybe even start to sweat. You are nervous, uncomfortable and anxious because you don’t have the answer that you think you are expected to have. Imagine feeling that way every day.

The caregivers at Preferred HealthStaff understand what those afflicted with Alzheimer’s Disease are feeling. And, it’s that understanding that allows us to help.

In addition to helping to make meals or run errands, professionals at Preferred HealthStaff are trained to care for those with Alzheimer’s Disease and other memory-related diseases. We understand that each day brings different challenges, and we are prepared to help you or your loved one deal with that. Whether it’s simply keeping a daily routine or going through flashcards and tests to retain existing memory, we are ready to help.

When you are going through something tough, people will often say “I know how you feel.” Doesn’t it help when that is really true? At Preferred HealthStaff, our professionals have compassion, are professionally trained and certified, and want to help.