How Often Should You Schedule Homemaker Services?

January 17, 2018 | BY PHS Staff

Seniors sometimes struggle with housekeeping and homemaking. Doing the laundry, making meals, washing dishes, and vacuuming floors — all of these tasks become more difficult, even dangerous, as older adults lose strength, mobility, and coordination. Instead of handling these duties on their own, many seniors are now choosing to hire homemaker services, which take care of housekeeping tasks and errands that seniors no longer wish to handle on their own.

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When you’re just getting started with homemaker services, scheduling can be a tricky situation. Seniors aren’t always sure how often they should be scheduling visits or how long those visits should last. This leaves families in the dark about which services they need and how much these services might cost.

While scheduling homemaker services might seem like a big question mark, it’s a smaller issue than many people think. Here’s why.

Scheduling Considerations for Homemaker Services

There’s no such thing as a “one size fits all” schedule for homemaker services. In most cases, the best schedule is dictated by the client’s overall well-being, their lifestyle, their personal preferences, and their living circumstances. So, when you’re hiring homemaker services for an elderly loved one, their needs will determine how you approach scheduling.

There are a number of ways that families plan ahead for scheduling homemaker services. One of the best ways is to start with an inventory of homemaking tasks. Write up a list of chores and errands that your loved one needs performed on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Once you’ve listed all of these activities, go through them with your loved one. First, rank the activities by how difficult, uncomfortable, or dangerous they are for your loved one to perform on their own. Next, identify which tasks your loved one will need assistance with, which tasks they’d like assistance with, and which tasks they can handle on their own. If you’re concerned about the cost of homemaker services, you might want to identify which tasks you or other family caregivers can assist with.

This way, you’ll have a sense of which “must have” services you’ll need from a homemaker agency. Estimate how many hours and visits each of these tasks will take up each day or week. Use this as a baseline for how you will schedule services. If your budget allows, you can add more hours for the tasks that your loved one would like — but doesn’t need — assistance with.

Before speaking with homemaker agencies, here are some other scheduling considerations you’ll want to cover:

  • How many of your loved one’s “must have” homemaker services require multiple visits a week?
  • Are there tasks that you or your loved one can’t handle alone, but that you could split with a homemaker service?
  • How will your loved one’s daily and weekly routine impact scheduling for homemaker visits?
  • If your loved one requires additional care services, is it possible to hire a single agency or caregiver to handle caregiving and homemaking?
  • Is there a way to reduce the hours per visit or visits per week in a way that reduces service costs without reducing service quality?

If you’re still unsure how often you should be scheduling homemaker services, don’t worry. A face-to-face consultation with a homemaker agency, like Preferred HealthStaff, can help you get a better sense of your scheduling options, which services will most benefit your loved one, and how scheduling will impact the cost of your loved one’s services.

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