Preventing Falls with Personal Care Services

July 28, 2017 | BY PHS Staff

If you have an elderly loved one, accidental falls can be a major concern. Falls are the leading cause of accidental deaths among seniors and account for more than 70% of accidental deaths in those over the age of 75. For frail seniors, falls are especially worrisome. A senior’s risk of falling increases if they suffer from frailty, and frail seniors are at higher risk of injury or death if a fall occurs.

One way that you can reduce the risk of a fall for your loved one is through personal care services. Caregivers help prevent falls among the elderly in a number of ways. A personal caregiver will offer the support that many seniors need to avoid trips, slips, and other accidents.

Personal Care Services Offer a Helping Hand

The vast majority of falls among the elderly occur at home. Many times, these falls occur because seniors are trying to do tasks that can become difficult and dangerous with age. These can be tasks as simple as reaching for something on a high shelf, standing up after using the toilet, or even getting dressed. More and more of these tasks turn into fall risks as seniors progressively lose strength, balance, coordination, and/or mobility.

By giving seniors a helping hand with activities of daily living, personal care services help seniors avoid these risky situations. Caregivers can perform tasks or assist with tasks if the senior they are working with is at risk of falling. This way, seniors are less likely to be in a situation with a high risk of falling.

Caregivers Offer Mobility Support & Assistance

Falls rarely occur unless seniors are moving, whether that means a simple shift of position or a walk from point A to point B. If a senior has mobility concerns, a personal care services caregiver can offer physical support in situations where it’s needed, such as managing steps or uneven ground. Caregivers can also monitor for signs that seniors are struggling with balance and may be at risk of a fall.

A Second Set of Eyes Around the Home

Many falls occur because seniors trip over or slip on something that shouldn’t be on the floor. This could be a vacuum cleaner someone left in the living room, an out-of-place electrical cord, or a puddle on the kitchen floor. Personal care services will bring a second set of eyes into your loved one’s home. If a caregiver spots a tripping or slipping risk, they can ensure it’s taken care of quickly.

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