Senior Errand Services Create More Time for Family

September 25, 2017 | BY PHS Staff

If your mom or dad has trouble getting around, senior errand services can be helpful for all sorts of reasons. It makes picking up groceries a breeze, takes the hassle out of prescription refills, makes shopping for housewares and clothing more convenient, and can be used in all sorts of other ways.

But one advantage to errand services is often overlooked: how they make more time for family.

While most people think of elderly errand services as something that primarily benefits seniors, that’s not always the case. A lot of the time, it’s the adult children of seniors who benefit most from having someone around to run errands. Seniors’ children can spend less time running around and feeling stressed and spend more time with their mom or dad.

Errands Can Get Between Seniors & Family

When seniors need someone to run errands on their behalf, the job usually falls to one of their children. This starts out with small errands here and there in most cases. But as walking and driving become increasingly difficult, seniors rely on family members more and more for help with errands. Children find themselves running errands each weekend, then multiple times a week, then almost every day.

Because this happens gradually, children don’t always realize how much of their time spent taking care of mom or dad isn’t actually spent with mom or dad. This leads to a paradoxical situation. Even though you’re spending more time dedicated to the well-being of your loved one, your face-to-face relationship is actually diminishing.

While you’re running errands, you’re also losing time that you need for other responsibilities. You aren’t just spending less time with your parent. You’re also spending less time with your partner, your children, your friends, and on self-care. The stress can build up quickly, and it can put an even greater strain on your relationship with your mom or dad.

How Senior Errand Services Can Help

By hiring a senior errand service, you can leave the grocery runs, drug store visits, and trips to the hardware store in someone else’s hands. Even if you want to keep performing some of these errands on your own, you can use a senior errand service to take care of the errands that are most time intensive or difficult to perform.

This offers a number of key advantages. Your calendar becomes easier to manage. You get more time to spend on your personal life and well-being. Best of all? The time you spend taking care of your mom or dad is actually spent with your mom or dad. You’ll be thankful for the help — and so will your parent.

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