The Benefits of Receiving In-Home Care While Aging in Place

February 28, 2019 | BY PHS Staff

Recently we’ve noticed that more people are choosing to stay at home as they age. There are actually more than a few benefits to this choice, and the at home caregivers here at Preferred HealthStaff are ready to help if this is what the senior in your life has chosen. Let’s see some of the potential advantages that they may have considered before arriving at their decision.

More Independence

If you decide to age in place, you can actually still do quite a lot. You aren’t trapped in your home and you can still go out and get things done if need be. We offer extra services, including transportation services, that allow our clients to go shopping, visit with friends, or do other things. Plus, we’ll do this while offering a senior more privacy and autonomy.

One-on-One Service

While the service staff at a nursing home or senior living facility can be great, age in place home care has an advantage in that it can offer one-on-one service. An in home caregiver is completely focused on the client from the time they walk in the door. They know them and their habits well. They can spot potential problems and change care plans to offer better service. It would be nearly impossible to receive this level of attention and care elsewhere.

Aging in Familiar Surroundings

A move to a nursing home can be jarring. By opting for home care services instead, you’re ensuring that your senior can remain comfortable in surroundings that are familiar to them. They’re surrounded by warm memories, familiar decorations, and proximity to loved ones. Many seniors prefer aging in place if possible for these reasons.

Peace of Mind for Families

If a senior is put in a nursing home, it can also be stressful for family members. They may not be nearby and able to check in as often as they like. They could be concerned about their older relative’s well being, but unable to really do anything about it.

What We Offer

With our in home personal services, family members are in on the care planning process. They are kept in the loop and encouraged to come in and visit with our clients. And when you’re busy, you can be sure that your loved one is in good hands and that an in home care provider could provide any details you need about their care.

Better Health Overall

In some cases, staying at home and aging in place can reduce stress. High stress levels can exacerbate other health issues, so depending on how healthy a client is a move to unfamiliar surroundings like a nursing home can have some adverse effects. A senior who ages in place may be more relaxed, comfortable, and could even heal faster from certain ailments.

A Better Social Life

Not only can our services allow a senior to continue going to social events, but the presence of an in home care provider can also provide companionship. Having someone around to talk to can be a big morale boost.

Your Local Home Care Experts in Fairfield, PA

So talk to the experts at Preferred HealthStaff and see how receiving in-home care while aging in place could benefit the senior in your life. We look forward to meeting our next client.