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Fairfield In-Home Care Services

Preferred HealthStaff in Fairfield, PA

A family-owned and operated in home care company, Preferred HealthStaff goes beyond the traditional in home care, dementia care and medical staffing services in Gettysburg, PA.

The office in Fairfield, Pennsylvania is the first office of the Preferred HealthStaff franchise opened in 2009. Donna Moyer and Bret Garretson co-founded the company, with the intent of helping people who needed or wanted help and to also provide medical staffing for facilities. Donna Moyer has numerous years of experience in the medical field as a nurse and healthcare instructor. With Donna and Bret’s individual backgrounds in business administration and ownership, they decided to go into business together opening the Fairfield in home care office.

Fairfield is just outside of Gettysburg in south-central Pennsylvania. It is a small community of about 500 people, but Preferred HealthStaff is capable of providing in home care, dementia care, and medical staffing services to a wide area around Fairfield, making it able to help nearly 150,000 people. The service area goes northwest to Franklin, northeast to Latimore, down southeast to Littlestown, and southwest just beyond Waynesboro.

Preferred HealthStaff services includes in home care, medical staffing, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia care, meal planning, transportation services and homemaker services to name just a few. Visit our services section for more information or call to speak with a member of the Preferred HealthStaff family. Located in Fairfield, we service Gettysburg as well.

201 East Main St
Fairfield, Array 17320

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