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Gettysburg In-Home Care Services

Preferred HealthStaff in Gettysburg, PA

Preferred HealthStaff is a senior in-home care company service of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania area by our Fairfield office location. A family-owned and operated company, Preferred HealthStaff goes beyond the traditional in-home care and medical staffing services in Gettysburg.

The office in Fairfield is the first Preferred HealthStaff office to open in the franchise. In 2009, Donna Moyer and Bret Garretson co-founded the company with the intent of helping people who needed or wanted help and to also provide nursing staff for medical facilities. Today the franchise has four office locations, providing services that range from medical needs, to personal grooming, transportation, and much more.

Within the Fairfield-Gettysburg area, Preferred HealthStaff is capable of providing In Home, Respite Care, Senior Care, and Dementia Care service to Gettysburg and the nearly 150,000 people in south-central Pennsylvania. Visit our services section for more information or call to speak with a member of the Preferred HealthStaff family. We look forward to assisting you and  your family with Gettysburg in-home care needs.

Gettysburg, Array 17325

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