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Hanover In-Home Care Services

Preferred HealthStaff in Hanover, PA

Preferred HealthStaff is an in home care service that goes beyond the traditional concepts, offering dementia care and medical staffing to York, PA. The company, founded in 2009, is continually growing.

Hanover is southeast of Gettysburg, in south-central Pennsylvania. It has a population around 15,000 but Preferred HealthStaff’s reach goes way beyond that. The service area runs from the southern state line north through Shiloh and west to Hunterstown and east through Stewartstown and surrounding areas.

Services include York in home care, medical staffing, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia care, homemaker, transportation and personal care assistance. Those are just a few examples of the assistance you can get with Preferred HealthStaff.

Visit the in home care services section for more information or call the Hanover office to speak with a member of the Preferred HealthStaff family. Located in Hanover, our in home care services are offered in York as well.

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