Medical Staffing

Healthcare institutions continue to turn to medical staffing agencies for help. In fact, in a recent U.S. News survey, 9 out of 10 health system CEOs said they planned to reduce reliance on independent doctors and nurses in favor of a medical staffing agency model. With nearly 50 million seniors over the age of 65 in America, these institutions are looking for an easy solution to fulfill their medical staffing needs.

Affordable Care Act regulations are putting pressure on providers to provide a 360-degree healthcare solution, medical staffing agencies are essential to support healthcare facilities and alleviate some of the pains of being short-staffed. Preferred HealthStaff is able to fulfill the needs of Pennsylvania healthcare organizations by providing medical staff who are thoroughly trained, certified, screened, and effective at what they do within the healthcare sphere.

The caregivers on our medical staffing team have all been chosen for their extensive knowledge, skills and experience. We insist every member of our team goes through our rigorous screening process that includes:

  • An application, interview and reference check
  • Full ID verification, drug screen, criminal history, and child abuse clearance check
  • Verified credentials and completed physical form
  • Verifying certifications in CPR, First Aid and Blood Borne Pathogens

Our medical staffing team also participates in our training program. This comprehensive program includes Certified Home Health Aide training, Alzheimer’s and Memory Care training, Non-Elder Care training, and Home Care Medications training. You can be confident any member of the Preferred HealthStaff medical staffing team is a dedicated professional committed to providing quality care at all times.

At Preferred HealthStaff, we are able to step in and provide solutions for healthcare organizations in Pennsylvania and West Virginia to help them manage any unexpected staffing spikes. Facilities are finding out that it is more economical to staff with agency nurses to handle times of peak occupancy, as it eliminates the additional cost of recruitment, orientation, benefits, and sick leaves. By using a staffing model, healthcare facilities can reduce costs while obtaining qualified, licensed and screened medical staff.

If your healthcare facility is in need of reliable, trained and experienced staff, Preferred HealthStaff can help. Our medical staffing services ensure you have access to caregivers who can step in immediately and provide quality care to your patients. Call today for more information on our medical staffing services.

Medical Staffing
Medical Staffing

At Preferred HealthStaff:

  • We provide caregivers, aides and nurses who all undergo our proprietary training
  • We go above and beyond standard state and federal regulations to ensure staff are thoroughly trained and ready to go
  • We provide healthcare institutions with immediate staffing to fulfill their organizations’ goals of providing care at all levels of service

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