Understanding the Difference between Home Care and Private Duty Care

Caregiver back-up

We are prepared to provide a qualified replacement should the caregiver coming to your home call off, become ill, have an emergency, request off or take a vacation. Preferred HealthStaff provides services 24 hours/day, 365 days/year. Our caregivers are available on weekends and holidays so we can be there as little or as much as you need us. Preferred HealthStaff also offers schedule flexibility which enables you to change your schedule as you see fit.

Should the private hire coming to your home call off, become ill, have an emergency, request off or take a vacation, you may be responsible for finding your own back-up caregiver. This can create unnecessary stress on you and family members. One private individual means that you are responsible for staffing a replacement and if that person leaves, you will need to start over.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance, Bonding and Liability Insurance

Preferred HealthStaff caregivers are bonded and insured to provide you with peace of mind that, if a caregiver is injured in your home, they cannot sue your home owner’s insurance policy.

Private hires usually have no insurance coverage and it becomes your responsibility to investigate any insurance coverage on the person coming to your home. Private individuals can sue you and/or your home owner’s policy if they are ever injured on the job.

Payroll, taxes, and IRS

Preferred HealthStaff assumes all responsibility.

For private hires, you are responsible for reporting and remitting state, federal, and FICA taxes to the proper tax authorities. Private hires do not meet the federal guidelines of an independent contractor.

Background checks, reference checks, qualifications

At Preferred HealthStaff, we hold to a very high standard involving an extensive screening process.  Quality, proficiency, attitude and personality are considerations for employment as well as background, education, training, experience and recommendations.

For private hires, it is your responsibility to check the individual’s background and references. Some states may require a license or have laws or requirements regarding privately hiring individuals to provide care.

Quality control & supervision of staff

Preferred HealthStaff carefully monitors and supervises our team. Education, training, and random visits are made to ensure quality service.

Privately hired individuals are completely independent and lack any formal supervision.

Training and continued education

Preferred HealthStaff caregivers must meet all training, education, and certification requirements. We provide continuing education and mandatory in-service caregiver training. You can be confident that as your needs increase or change, we can accommodate your needs.

Private hires may or may not have formal training and education or continue to build upon that knowledge. You may find that you are paying for the skills they can perform rather than the skills you may need. As your needs increase or change, you may find that this individual cannot no longer meet your needs.

In conclusion, Preferred HealthStaff wishes for you or your family member to receive the highest quality service from a provider of your choosing. It is our privilege when called upon, to provide the highest quality service while ensuring your personal freedoms. There is value in having peace of mind for you and your family. Your home care services should be a solution, not a job.